Why do players leave Mir4? Are you also in the verge of leaving Mir4? Or let us say on the crisis of leaving a certain online game that you invested your time long ago?

Mir4 wallpaper

Let us talk about that on this article. I want to share with you how I felt the past few months – this time as a pure gamer and not as anyone else.

What is Mir4?

It is one of the top MMORPG Online Games for 2021. This game started to trend to its Asian players when it launched its crypto-gaming mechanics / NFT. Where you mine “Dark steel” an in-game item that can be exchanged into crypto-currency (DRACO). From its crypto-currency exchanged into US Dollars or Philippine Peso, depending on the method of cashing out you opt to.

players mining dark steel on mir4

I will not deny how hooked I was on this game until it decreased the revenue mechanics. Me and my clan got burnout of grinding our levels and stats to sustain grinding on higher dungeons. Thus, losing interest from the game daily.

Quick Impression with the Game

I have one clan member that gave me an advise after on what we have observed as we leave the game completely. To never start loving the game just because of the money or earning mechanics. We should have loved the game on how it is played just like any other MMORPG we played before.

The fire of being passionate for this game faded because the earnings decreased. This triggered all my friends to leave the game earlier than expected.

Compare to other crypto-games like Axie Infinity, players are more to leave Mir4 faster than Axie Infinity since there is no money invested from this game. Mir4 is a free-to-play MMORPG.

Regretful or Thankful?

So far, I am still thankful of all the memories and opportunities I had during my time on playing Mir4. Meeting new friends, enhancing my leadership skills, and most of it my competitiveness. It tested my patience the whole time I play this game.

For regrets, I think it is just on prioritizing money over enjoying the game. I inculcated to my friends and clan members to be hungry in terms of mining Dark Steel to earn more money from the game. Other than that, the memories I have with this game is completely treasured.

What other NFT Games I play?

As of this writing, none. I am currently enjoying my blogging and corporate-life and trying to balance them on a daily basis. If there are any games I am trying to look after, it is the Ragnarok Labyrinth – a Ragnarok online game that has NFT mechanics again, but this time you can play Ragnarok on a portrait mode which is kind of awkward but honestly it takes my curiosity bigtime.


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