Ragnarok Labyrinth Walkthrough for Beginners is made for newbies who wants to try playing an AFK kind of game and wants to earn some money all throughout the game. Let’s go on with excitement inside the labyrinth!

Characters, Jobs, and Classes

  • Archer

As we all know, archer is a range type character that usually deals a wide range of abilities and has so much dexterity on its own. You can choose between the two below when you change your job.

  • Hunter to Sniper
  • Dancer to Clown
  • Magician

This class has a great intelligence and he gets to use four elements to damage his enemies. You have two paths to choose from when it’s time for a job change.

  • Wizard to High Wizard
  • Sage to Professor
  • Swordsman

When we hear the word swordsman, our first thought is he dealing a massive damage by casting a heavy skills but as you all know, it can be a tanky swordsman that is good for sustaining damage and dealing damage at the same time.

  • Knight to Lord Knight
  • Crusader to Paladin
  • Thief

All of us is expecting a lot from a thief since it is also known to be a deadly and fastest character. In that case, you can choose between the two below.

  • Rouge to Stalker
  • Assassin to Assassin Cross

Gameplay Modes

  • Adventure Mode/Automated Battles

As you can see, this is the first field location the first time you started the game. Your main task will be to clear MVP’s & Boss in each field in order for you to unlock the next field. In this mode, you can engage with monster using auto-battle. When clearing MVP’s you need to control your character to go where MVP is located. When you are clearing Boss, you must have at least full party in order to finish the boss within the given time limit.

ragnarok labyrinth guide
  • Maze/Labyrinth Mode

This looks like a maze when you go inside the Labyrinth Mode. You can explore different dungeons of your choice before battling with the boss. First, you have to dodge on monsters and avoid collision that causes damage. You can experience a single and a multi mode in this game mode. There is a time limit so you have to be fast and careful when moving around.

  • Duel/PVP Mode

A lot of you knows the feeling when you first heard about PVP, it’s all about the “trashtalk” to your opponents. Kidding aside, this mode makes you feel a lot of excitement and anger. There are two type of Duel and PVP, in duel mode you can have a companion to choose from. While in PVP, you have to battle 1on1 and you can gain points from winning and grind up on the rank to gain a massive reward.

  • Sharevice/Offline Mode

This sharevice feature makes our Ragnarok Labyrinth unique compare to the other Idle/AFK game. This mode allows you to hire different character classes of the offline players. You can hire a maximum of 5 characters within a specific time. The time consumed differs depending on the number of hired characters.

Basic Stat Build

For basic stat build, we can put it this way.

  • Archer

At early game, disregard having an ASPD and movement speed because your main purpose is to finish all the maps so it is better for you to focus on maximizing your DEX and level up your Arrow Shower to deal massive damage on the mobs and First Aid to sustain your characters health.

  • Swordsman

When building a swordsman, you can go with maximizing your AGI for better DPS. You can also go with pure STR for a better damage. Just don’t forget to get yourself a First Aid and a Magnum Break at the early stage of the game. You can have a damage based on your weapon so the damage would be enough to finish off adventure and other game mode.

  • Magician

Maximize your INT for faster farming and the goal for our magician is to 1 hit mobs. Focusing on the Fire Bolt and Cold Bolt to maximize your damage to the mobs and bosses. Remember, our goal here is to 1 hit every mobs on our way. You can allocate different stats depending on your needs, just be careful on mixing up stats. I recommend you to put other stats when you’re on the last 2 maps of the game.

  • Thief

Among other characters, this one is my favorite since I played other MMORPG games, this one brings me comfort. I love to see how my assassin class character dealt critical damage to monsters. I would recommend to allocate your stats to either STR for damage and later on get an item that gives LUK. And the other one is to allocate your stats to AGI which gives ASPD to your assassin class character. Put some of your skill points to First Aid and max out your Double Attack.

Note: I only recommend this build for beginners. You can always do experiment build according to your preference.

Daily Routine

I will tell you all the techniques I am doing daily to maximize your playtime and to maximize your characters full potential in the end game.

Finish first your daily quests by clicking the quest icon above and select daily to view all the quests needed to be completed. Some of the quests can be found through the other icon like Labyrinth Island, Duel/PVP, and some are found inside the Dungeon Tab by clicking the Menu Tab.

ragnarok labyrinth daily quest

After you finished all your daily quests, we’re going to move on to ONBUFF Pass and Labyrinth Pass. This can be found by click the shop icon at the bottom of your screen and you will see the the ONBUFF Pass and Labyrinth Pass. On the ONBUFF Pass there is a tab called “ONBUFF Quest” while on the Labyrinth Pass there is “Pass Quest”.

Make sure to claim all the free rewards in the Event, Shop, and Mailbox.

After all of that, you are going to finish all the Modes inside the Dungeon which are Space of Infinite, Zeny Dungeon, EXP Dungeon, Airship Assault, and Central Laboratory.

ragnarok labyrinth dungeon

Furthermore, you can now proceed with your main quest that can be found just above the Menu and Hero Button. And after clearing all your do-able main quests, proceed by farming materials for crafting.

For more in-depth guide in Ragnarok Labyrinth, click here.


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  1. Just because I heard this game is NFT, I immediately tried this game. Also, this guide is very helpful for newbie like me. Please make some Battle Clown guide!! ❤ Love lots

  2. I am a newbie and this guide explains every single point that a newbie would want to know especially the sharevice. Regarding the 5th slot in sharevice, you can use your alt characters in your account for that.

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