We are here to talk about Ragnarok Labyrinth: Sniper Guide. Sniper can be one of the highest DPS class in the game. It can also be a skill type which we call “FAS Type”. However, in late game, snipers tend to move to “ADL Type” which is best for DPS in world bosses and also in farming.

ragnarok sniper guide

Stat Build

In this case, the first stat to max out rather than AGI is DEX. You will be short in stats if you build ADL immediately. In the early game phase, you will need to rely on AOE skill for farming. Those AOE skills is enough to pump up your power and be able to 1 hit enemies. Lower DEX means lower damage output of skills. Higher DEX means higher damage output of skill.

ragnarok labyrinth sniper build

Skill Build

Single Target Skills: Double Strafe, and Falcon Assault are good for MVP’s and Bosses. You can either get one of this and add to your skill set.
AOE Skills: Arrow Shower, Arrow Repel, and Focused Arrow Strike are the AOE skills to get but you need to only choose one in the end game.
Late game to get skill: This skills are last to get because you can get the stats given by this passives depending on your item.

ragnarok labyrinth sniper skills

Note: You can always do an experimental build on your own but it costs 100 nyangvine on each skill reset. The above skill build is just the recommended as you progress through the game.

Equipment Build

  • Weapon

Vigilante Bow – For F2P it is the best bow. It is best paired with Focused Arrow Strike.
Cursed Lyre – Range and Increase in Critical Attack Rate but you need to buy first an Earth Bow.
Elven Bow – You have to buy it because it is un-craftable. But it’s overall stats is good since it gives you default stats and attack speed. The only problem is that it has no increase in range.
Sinister Bow – This weapon is hard to craft but also worth to give it a try.

  • Headgear

Camouflage Rabbit Hood – It has ranged damage resist so it is good for ranged characters. It also has DEX, AGI, and Attack %.
Felrock’s Hat – Given the stats, it has skill cooldown decrease and default stats which is actually good to pump up other stats including your VIT & AGI which you can transfer to LUK instead of putting it to agi.
Golden Horn Headband (Farming) – It gives a bonus zeny drop rate and movement speed for fast farming.

  • Armor

White Wing Suit – This item is easy to craft. It gives you DEX, Range Damage Increase, and Attack Bonus in percentage. You can ignore the INT in this suit for now. However, the other stats is greatly needed for Snipers.
Felrock’s Armor – This is the alternative for White Wing Suit. It gives you Attack Speed and default stats.
Sprint Mail (Farming) – In farming, we need to go the fastest way to our enemies and kill them as fast as we can that is why this is recommended especially in Mummy Farming.

  • Manteau

Peuz Manteu (Damage) – It is good for sniper because of it’s AGI and Critical Attack Rate. Meaning, beside allocating AGI on your stats, it will also boost up your AGI while you’re still maximizing your DEX at the early or mid game.
White Wing Manteu (Flee) – This one is good for flee type snipers. It won’t boost up your critical attack rate but your flee will greatly increase.
Felrock’s Cloak – You can use this cloak if you need to pump your movement speed in order for you to farm quick, also it will also help you increase your stats because of its default stats.

  • Necklace

White Wing Brooch – I recommend this one because it gives you DEX and Attack %. Especially at max level.
Cold Heart (ASPD) – This one increases your LUK means your critical rate will increase adding up its attack speed which will help you deal more DPS. High defense and magic defense.
Harpy Feather (Flee) – It also increases your LUK but the attack speed will be replaced by Flee in %. Higher magic defense than defense.
Vigilante’s Badge – This gives you both DEX and range damage increase.
Ettlang Keepsake (Farming) – It gives you an attack speed so it is very suitable for farming.

  • Ring

Sabah’s Ring (CDI) – This is great for snipers because it gives you additional LUK and Critical Damage Increase. Since we all know that critical damage source in this game is low so it will greatly helps us increase our critical damage.
Rogue’s Treasure (CRI) – You can partner your Vigilante Bow with this one because this gives you an increase in critical attack rate in addition to LUK.
Ring of Chaos – This item is hard to get because you either buy this to other players through ROP or Top-up. However, the stats will give you atleast 12% Attack at max upgrade.
Sprint Ring (Farming) – It only gives you a movement speed so focus first on your damage before getting this ring.

Card Set-up

  • Weapon

Infinite Phreeoni (DPS)
Soldier Skeleton
Wolf Card (Best card)
Airship Assault Group

  • Headgear

Cram x4 (Farming)
Male Thief Bug (Early game)
Orc Warrior (Early game)
Mastering (Late game)
Orc Hero (Late game)

  • Armor

Thief Bug/Rocker (Early game)
Tao Gunka (Late game)

  • Manteau

Infinite Eclipse (Farming)
Dragon Fly
Condor (Flee)
Whisper (Anti-crit)

  • Necklace

Creamy Card (Farming)
Pirate Skel (Farming)
Yoyo (Flee)
Mastering (Damage)

  • Ring

Galapago (Farming)
Infinite Osiris
Orc Archer (FAS)

Note: Aside from experimenting your equipment build set-up for your Sniper, you can also experiment or mix-up different kinds of card according to your needs. For example, my sniper lacks the attack speed so I will get the attack speed from the card. You can also choose only 1 to 2 stats from the card to maintain its grade.

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  1. Looking at this guide made me think this game is so easy to play. I hope to see more guides like this for the other classes.

  2. Can you please make one for High Wizard? I want to effectively use my materials for crafting and don’t want to waste zeny like I am doing now.

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