As the famous game Rocket League creates it’s name for most of the years! It will now come to a new platform and extends it’s name to prove that they already adapt to mobile audiences. The final product of Sideswipe changes too much of what made the original special, or its implements too many questionable monetization schemes that suck the fun right of the game.

Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe (Android, IOS)

Developer: Psyonix Studios
Publisher: Psyonix Studios
Released: Novermber 29, 2021
MSRP: Free-to-play with in-game purchases

Rocket League will set foot to the new standards for publishers and developers as they attempt to transition their successful PC and console franchises to a new world of Mobile Devices. The developer Psyonix has used the perfected Rocket League and reimagined it all to a 2D plane. This Sideswipe is still a fast-paced and a game of soccer, but now Sideswipe will have a different view point from here.

Sideswipe Game Insights

The cars in Sideswipe aren’t made to stay on the ground as you can jump boost and also fly through the air that you’re trying to smack the ball into your opponent’s goal.

Controls Feedback

The controls are simple enough to learn but it requires an amount of time to practice. The digital joystick on the left corner of the screen are the controls for your car’s orientation, while the jump and boost buttons on the right side will send it soaring into the air as if its flies. And, just like the original Rocket League, the momentum is also the key to victory.

You need to identify your ball’s position and determine how much jump and boost you need to give. This can be difficult to figure out and requires a lot of practice.


In-Game Review

The first few matches that I played in the lower ranks of the season were pretty fun, the fact that I and my opponent will often miss within that match. Figuring out on how best to utilize the availability of 360° movement will take time. And for a matter of time, you will adapt to the changes from PC and console down to mobile.


Sideswipe Overview

As the game is in free-to-play, you can expect to see some in-app purchases. But, don’t expect to see them right away as there is currently no way to spend any real money in Sideswipe. The Rocket Pass is totally free, and everything in the item shop can be purchased by coins you earn in-game. But right now, consider this as a loss leader to hook the players to play. And I think, it works perfectly the fact that many now are playing sideswipe.

There are so much room to improve about this game, but Psyonix will definitely cooking and preparing for something big. It is a good opportunity to have a free-to-play game like this in mobile for the year 2021. This is the game you should play with your friends.


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