Spotify’s new feature Discover, a new function that presents a feed of vertical videos.

Spotify's new feature Discover

@chrismessina was the first to notice the feature, which she discovered in an iOS Spotify TestFlight build. This is said to be tied to Canvas, a tool that allows musicians and bands to replace static album graphics with dynamic videos.

Users can swipe between clips and tap the heart button as if it were a clip, which is similar to TikTok’s style. Spotify declined to comment on the new function when TechCrunch inquired about it. It’s possible that the feature will never be implemented on live servers, but we’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned for additional information on this.

Spotify’s new feature Discover – When did the idea started?

Canvas, which was widely released in 2019, allows artists to make videos to complement their music on the Spotify app. Users had mixed reactions to the feature, with some claiming that when listening to music, they preferred to see only the static album art and found the movie and its continuous visuals irritating.

Others, on the other hand, said they enjoyed it. Users are more likely to continue streaming, share tunes, or save tracks when they see a Canvas, according to Spotify.

We can confirm that the videos playing in the vertical feed are the artists’ existing Canvas videos based on the video Messina supplied and others we watched. However, Spotify refused to confirm this to us.

Spotify like other social media apps

While top social networks such as Instagram (Reels), Snapchat (Spotlight), YouTube (Shorts), and Pinterest (Idea Pins) have adopted the TikTok format, it’s also proven to be a perfect format for content discovery.

With the advent of its “Fast Laughs” feature, Netflix, for example, has incorporated the short-form vertical video feed in its own app, which offers clips from its content library and facilities to save the programs to a watch list or just start streaming them. Similarly, Spotify’s video-based Discover function might introduce consumers to new music while also providing a familiar way to express their interests to Spotify.


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