About Gemucube

If you are curious as to why we it is called “Gemucube” the name is derived from Japanese word Game for “Gemu” and cube to represent “Game of cube”. Which we all know or so-called “Rubik’s Cube”.

about gemucube
Gemucube’s Official Logo

Why we based it from Rubik’s Cube? It represents the different angles of our content. Each sides of it represents the category we cover such as – Food, Lifestyle, Tech, Events and more.

Gemucube Digital Marketing Services is DTI-registered and an official media group based in the Philippines. Our website which serves as an online magazine that provides quality contents to our readers. It started last 24th of November year 2021. Gemucube is created by Adam Belda, author and owner of https://adambelda.net. He is a Blogger since 2012 and VIVA-PSIOM’s Health Magazine Celebrity Writer way back 2014.

Our writers are certified and trained SEO writers and tech-enthusiasts based from Manila. We are a group of young minds – combination of working professionals and students that collaborate our ideas and put into one space which is this website.

As of April 2022, we are ranked 29th of “Top 35 Philippines Tech Blog and Websites to follow in 2022“.

Our vision

Our aim is to build a business world that is prosperous, meaningful, and connected for everyone.

Improving clients’, workers’, and vendors’ lives by delivering measurable results.

Our Mission

Gemucube’s purpose is to motivate people to make a positive difference in their own lives and in the lives of those around them.
The media group encourages and enables individuals to develop connections and engage in discourse wherever they are: at work or in school, in their families, neighborhoods, and faith communities, through its news and stories.

For inquiries, feel free to send us an email at: business@gemucube.com