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REVIEW:Rocket League Sideswipe

As the famous game Rocket League creates it’s name for most of the years! It will now come to a new platform and extends it’s name to prove that they already adapt to mobile audiences. The final product of Sideswipe changes too much of what made the original special, or its implements too many questionable


The Ipad 9th Gen Apple’s new 10.2-inch iPad, the 9th iteration in its industry-leading line of gadgets. Is more powerful and inexpensive than ever before. Also, it supports the first-generation Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. as well as Apple’s new Centre Stage video conferencing and focusing software. It has an A13 Bionic processor and a

Our Say on ‘The Wolf Among Us’

The Wolf Among Us is an interactive episodic fantasy adventure video game for Xbox One. It is based on Bill Willingham’s Eisner Award-winning Fables comic book series. Telltale Games created the game, which was also responsible for the 2012 Game of the Year, The Walking Dead. There are five episodes in total. In November of


Poppy Playtime gives me Nightmare galore, Who is this creepy blue toy? those sharp white teeth and drooling saliva give me the creeps. This is Huggy Wuggy a character in Poppy Playtime; a game that gives me nightmares. What is POPPY PLATIME? Poppy Playtime, a horror game set in an abandoned toy factory. has joined