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Rocket League Sideswipe is now on Mobile

Rocket League spinoff Rocket League Sideswipe is now here on mobile. The mobile game is out for both Android and IOS users, and it’s completely for free. The free-to-play spinoff of Rocket League which first announced last March 2021, the side swipe is a simple version of the Original Rocket League released last 2015. The

Crypto Gaming ‘Landlords’ mad They Can’t Keep Exploiting All The Players

Taking about Crypto Gaming, Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency-backed Pokémon clone in which cute small creatures that can also be used as NFTs compete for joy and profit. It’s also a pyramid system that thrives on low-cost labor from nations like the Philippines. Now, fictitious inflation, along with a record crypto robbery reportedly perpetrated by

Epic Games NEW RELEASE Games

Epic Games continues to build an empire within the gaming platform as he release new playable game on the store. LOVE 3 (New Release) Genre: Action, Indie, Platformer LOVE 3 is a precision platformer where you control fiveEight, a lone survivor searching for others in a mechanical, apocalyptic world. Face challenging obstacles, discover hidden secrets,


The Brawlhalla and Street Fighter collaboration is here! Brawlhalla announced that global fighters Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma. From Capcom’s Street FighterTM would be available as Epic Crossovers starting November 22, 2021. The advent of the storm heralds the start of an in-game event that includes a new game mode called Street Brawl, in which players

PHASMOPHOBIA: Ghost Hunting Experience

Who is afraid of Creepy games? From Resident Evil to Amnesia, there is a slew of titles that fall under that banner, and they all hit the same beats. A few decent jumps scare; fear of being chased, nasty monsters, and disturbing sound effects. All of these experiences are enjoyable; they will never be horrific

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Another Horror game that is no longer available due to copyright infringements and plagiarized trademark rights. we are sad to see say its goodbyes. still here are those things on playing Jollibee’s and you can watch this game plays by horror game streamers. WHAT IS JOLLIBEE’S? IvanG created Jollibee’s, a survival horror video game. Jollibee,


The Top 10 Rhythm Games for Pc; There are few things better than music, and there are even fewer things better than music and rhythm games. Music elicits the most emotional responses of any medium, and it does so in a matter of minutes. Music is often much more immediate than games in terms of



we compiled, the top 10 K-pop Beat maps that we love; for the newbies and experts that are fans of the said genre.

The Ruined King

The Ruined King: Newest Turn-based Game

The Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is a translation effort, like many of Riot’s previous efforts. Despite its widespread community toxicity and the significant time commitment needed of most players, League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world—but shows like The Ruined King and Riot’s recent Netflix series