Brawlhalla x Street Fighter

The Brawlhalla and Street Fighter collaboration is here! Brawlhalla announced that global fighters Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma. From Capcom’s Street FighterTM would be available as Epic Crossovers starting November 22, 2021.

The advent of the storm heralds the start of an in-game event that includes a new game mode called Street Brawl, in which players will battle Street Fighting-style with health bars to see who will be the first to fall in a 2-D fighter scene.

Brawlhalla New Characters

In addition to the first-ever use of bespoke Signature effects with VO lines. The newest Epic Crossovers include two new Weapon Skins, distinctive lock-in animations, and dedicated Roster spaces.

The event also includes a new game mode. Highlighted as the Brawl of the Week, a new 1v1 competitive Map, the Satsui no Hado Emote, the Kapukon Yu Podium, the Knockout KO Effect, and new Avatars.

According to the game. When you get to Mallhalla, look for the Satsui no Hado emblem. To find all of the Street Fighter Crossover goodies! Furthermore, Munin’s price has been slashed to 5400 Gold.

Chun-Li and Ryu

A new feature now added to this version of the game: Rematch, Players in Ranked 1v1 and Ranked 2v2 games will now be able to rematch their opponents. The drop shadows Test Feature promoted to the top of all queues.

Aside from that, we’ve made a few changes to the game, fixed a few bugs, and updated the free-to-play Legend rotation. Take advantage of Amazon Prime Gaming’s Halloween Bundle right now!


Each of the three new Epic Crossovers, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma, has its own set of bespoke Signature effects, which include VO lines, custom lock-in animations, dedicated Roster spaces, and two new Weapon Skins for each character.

Street Fighter


Ryu – Epic Crossover for Petra

This character is always on the lookout for the next greatest opponent in order to improve himself. His techniques have been imported to the game. Including the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Shoryuken, and Hadoken.

Ryu and Petra

“My one true rival is the fight within!”

Ryu is ready to battle the next opponent with his Frinkazan Gloves and Power of Will Orb.


Chun-Li Epic Crossover for Wu Shang

The World’s Strongest Woman is certain to teach her adversaries a thing or two about how to take a kick. She introduces her own skills to Brawlhalla, such as the Spinning Bird Kick and Kikosho.

Chun-li Wu shang

“What’s the matter? Too many kicks to the head?”

Chun-Sparring Li’s Gloves and Martial Staff will ensure that justice prevails in the end.


Akuma Epic Crossover for Val

With his sights set on conquering the gods, the Master of the Fist is prepared to make them really quake. He’ll gain ultimate strength via a variety of techniques, including Tatsumaki Zankukyaku and Zanku Hadoken.

Akukma x Val

“Weaklings! Is there no one worth fighting?”

The Master of the Fist will not bow to anybody and will use his Raging Fists and Messatsu Blade to destroy his adversaries.


Players may now replay Ranked 1v1 and Ranked 2v2 games.

  • Rematches are used to decide a best-of-three format. Elo, no farming!
  • Each rematch, players must opt-in. For Ranked 2v2 games, just one player on each side must opt-in for the rematch to begin.
  • A Legend should opt-out of a rematch in 2v2 games by choosing in and then canceling. This prevents your teammate from opting for a rematch on your behalf if you decline.
  • Returning to the Legend choose screen after leaving the post-match scoreboard will immediately opt you out of any rematch. If a remote player departs the scoreboard while you are still there, the rematch option will be disabled.


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