Epic Games continues to build an empire within the gaming platform as he release new playable game on the store.

LOVE 3 (New Release)

Genre: Action, Indie, Platformer

LOVE 3 is a precision platformer where you control fiveEight, a lone survivor searching for others in a mechanical, apocalyptic world. Face challenging obstacles, discover hidden secrets, and try to find hope within the hopeless as you overcome each new danger.

What you find as you explore will influence the end, so make sure you find what’s important.

Love 3 is available for only 195.99

Wolfstride (New Release)

Genre: Action, Strategy, Adventure

Wolfstride is a role-playing game about three former partners-in-crime coming to a turning point in their lives. When they inherit a junkyard mecha called Cowboy, they reunite to enter the planet’s most elite mecha competition: the Ultimate Golden God Tournament.

Each member of the team lends their unique experience as they prepare to outwit the best mecha opponents from around the world. Between dog-mechanic Duque, mecha pilot Knife Leopard, and jack-of-all-trades Dominic Shade, the core crew’s got just about everything covered.

That is… until their simple mission to make money unfolds into a deep, slow-burning exploration of their complex lives, the dark choices of their past, and their inevitable fate.

Wolfstride is on sale from 293.99 down to 264.59

Spell Froce 3 Reforced (New Release)

Genre: RPG, Strategy

It is the year 518. The rebellion of the renegade mages, known as the Mage Wars, has been quashed by the Crown. However, it was a Pyrrhic victory: Whole regions have fallen into anarchy, refugees roam the lands in search of shelter, and a mysterious, deadly plague called the “Bloodburn” has arisen and is spreading rapidly.

In times like these people cling to any sign of hope they can find. The Purity of Light, led by a charismatic man called Rondar Lacaine, claims that mages are the source of all misfortune – and that only the second coming of Aonir, the father of all gods, will return Eo to its former splendor.

The story takes place before the acclaimed Spell Force: The Order of Dawn.

Spell Force 3 Reforced is on sale from 999.99 down to 249.99

Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice (New Release)

Genre: Action, Strategy, Stealth

Aiko’s Choice is a brand-new standalone expansion to the beloved stealth tactics game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, set in Japan around the Edo period.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice focuses on one of the main game’s protagonists: the kunoichi adept Aiko. She is a master of camouflage and distracts enemies disguised as a Geisha.

Shadow Tactics is now on sale 499.95 down to 449.95

This is the President (New Release)

Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Adventure

This Is the President is a story driven management game. In the year 2020 you are elected to be the President of the United States of America. You’ll battle with your competitors, the establishment, the media and even foreign leaders. But the road to lifelong immunity is full of pitfalls, and you’ll need to remember to clean up the daily messes that arise. Some might even call these distractions “presidential duties”.

This is the President is on sale 350.95

New Release games on Epic Games will never be too late for the gamers. It will shows once in a while, grab the opportunity to get these amazing games!


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