The Fantech Sonata MH90 is a familiar-looking gaming headset, featuring design components that are comparable to those found in competing brands. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it shows in the build quality – especially when compared to the price. With those aluminum yolks in mind, the headset may take a battering. This isn’t an open-back headset, by the way. The mesh is only there for aesthetic purposes.

Fantech Sonata MH90
Fantech Sonata MH90


Driver Unit53mm
Speaker Sensitivity110 +- 3dB
Speaker Frequency Response20Hz-220kHz
Speaker Impedance64Ω +- 15%
Microphone Sensitivity-42 +- 3dB
Microphone DirectivityOmni Directional
Microphone Impedance2.2kΩ
Microphone Dimension6*2.7mm
Plug Type3.5mm TRRS jack
Cord Length2m
Fantech Sonata Inside Box

With the microphone attached, the Fantech Sonata MH90 is a light headset, weighing roughly 265 grams. This, combined with a 420 gram clamp force that is evenly distributed, makes it a comfortable headset to wear. For reference, the circumference of my head is approximately 54cm, therefore your comfort may differ.

The overall construction quality is satisfactory. Yes, it could be better, but I’m not going to whine too much. After all, this is a low-cost gaming headset. There are no squeaks or creaks here, which is a great change from the last gaming headset I tried.

Fantech Sonata
Headset Compatibility


At its pricing point of 2,000 Pesos, the Fantech Sonata MH90 is an excellent gaming headset. It isn’t a top performer, but it combines an acceptable aggressive sound character (for the price) with outstanding ergonomics and a capable microphone to create a headset that is ideal for the aspiring gamer.

Overall, I’m going to give the Sonata MH90 a good grade. Its solid build quality, acceptable spatial performance, ergonomics, and good microphone make it an appealing option for many budget-conscious gamers.


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