Another Horror game that is no longer available due to copyright infringements and plagiarized trademark rights. we are sad to see say its goodbyes. still here are those things on playing Jollibee’s and you can watch this game plays by horror game streamers.


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IvanG created Jollibee’s, a survival horror video game. Jollibee, a real-life fast-food restaurant, inspired the game.

According to the games description:

Jollibee’s welcomes you!

A location where magic and joy collide, where the greatest food is served and the best events are held!

In Popo’s Playroom, you may play games with Popo, have parties with Yum, and be entertained by the one and only!

Infromative Picture in Jollibee's Game

Sad to say we have to say good bye to this game but in recent update IVANG created another franchise and its called “Jolly’s”. This game franchise made horror gamers excited to play each version of Jolly’s.

Before we get to that here is one viral streamer who played “Jollibee’s”. here is Sholay hey:

Watch it here:


Decorative Image of Jolly

IvanG’s Jolly, stylised as JOLLY and shortened as J1, is a point-and-click horror game. It was published on October 4th, 2016 and is the fourth game in the Jolly series chronologically.

As it was initially tied to the Jollibee’s franchise, this game was the first of the second chapter of the Jolly saga. It was formerly the only Jolly game in the chronology until 2018, when Jollibee’s was unveiled, giving the franchise a storyline.

Because the Jollibee’s games were removed owing to copyright violations, they are now most likely non-canon to the Jolly games.


Decorative Image

The player must fight Jolly and his gang throughout the game as the night guard (Mikhail Schmidt) (excluding the post-night mini-games).

The player is restricted to the bottom-floor office. A security door is on the right side of the office, and a huge window on the left side may be lit from the outside.

There’s also a controllable camera system. This may be used not just to keep track of the animatronics’ whereabouts, but also to prevent Tweetie and Jolly from taking the elevator to the floor where the player is.

Both vents next to Maxie and George’s party rooms may be closed using the CCTV system.

The charging panel on the far right must also be utilized to transmit electricity. From the generator to the building’s power supply.

There’s also the Metalionette animatronic, which plays a role in the camera system. For her, the player must ensure that the wires do not come loose from her body.

When a wire is going to break, a loud siren/beep and a red light will go off. Failure to reconnect the broken wire will result in the wire totally breaking off.

after all of the cables are disregarded; she will be able to reach the player in the office. By escaping through the ceilings and walls. resulting in a Game Over.


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