Heartstopper Leads Nick & Charlie in The rain
Nick & Charlie in The rain

Is Netflix’s Heartstopper too good to be true? Who would’ve thought that a queer would have their very own colorful happiness at the age of fifteen? Wrong, this usually does not happen in real life. For sure s there is a few percent of queers crying because they know that this will not happen to them.

Heartstopper Netflix Poster
Heartstopper Netflix Poster

The series already started streaming last April 22, 2022. WARNING THE NEXT PARAGRAPHS HAS SPOILERS SO CONTINUE AT YOUR RISK!


CHARLIE using his phone
Charlie using his phone

The first time watching the series trailer it really got me hooked but I was thinking ‘Another BL (boys love) series that will probably stay in my heart forever. I was really excited when I saw the news that there were trans and queer casts. with that news, it made me really more eager to watch it.



Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) our lead character in the series, this circles around his love story with Nick Nelson. Charlie is a bully victim since he was a lower year in his school. Nick Nelson (Kit Conner) is our Leading man in the series. That catches feelings for our dear Charlie and questions his sexuality.

Tao Xu (William Gao) is one of Charlie’s best friends in his squad. Tao is a selfless friend that is very protective of charlie. Elle Argent (Yasmin Finney) is also one of Charlie’s best friends that supports charlie no matter what she is also a transgender that moved to an all-girls school.


Netflix's Heartstopper Loeading man Nick phasing out
Nick phasing out

So apparently love begins with a sequence of “Hi” which is how our leads greet each other in the beginning. The smoothness of the story is very captivating and it very easy to understand be at the same moment in the series. But it the real-world stories like this are not a reality, some of the snippet backstories might be the rest is not.

I love the adventure of charlie’s teenage life is going great, especially at the ending. In reality, there is a rare chance that we may encounter a person like Nick. There is also a cliffhanger when Elle has a chance on saying what she feels for tao but the series never gave a part of it. Maybe Elle or Tao either of will make a move on season 2 hopefully. So Heartstopper is a great book and series on Netflix but in reality, it’s too good to be true.


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