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We want to share our insights about flavor ban in e-cigarettes. I have so many questions in mind regarding this matter. As to how are those people within the vaping industry will cope up in this kind of situation?

These are statements that we see in accordance to this matter. “Why do they keep on pushing people to use cigarette instead of vaping?”, “Why is smoking more accessible than vaping?”, etc.

e-cigarretes flavor ban

Starting tomorrow, May 25, 2016 will implement the Flavor Ban on vape juices. By that, juice makers is prohibited on selling flavored juices on every market. May it be on a vape shop or through online selling. Did you ever wonder what’s the need of the flavor to be banned in our vapes?

I’ve been able to talk with my friends about this matter and let me share it with you. Many of us have stopped using cigarette and switched to vaping instead. With that being said, there is a huge impact on us especially our health. But according to my friends and people in my circle, there are only 2 flavors that are allowed. These flavors include tobacco and menthol flavor only. Some of my friends have stocked a lot of juice so that they can still vape on their conveniences.

Vaping Industry

Let us talk about the vaping industry. I, myself is a witness on how vaping helps me support my studies way back 2019. I’ve been able to gain income by working in a vape shop as a builder and also established my own online store selling vape products and juices. But how about those people who actually owned a vape shop and the juice makers who helped them become successful? How about those who are working for the juice makers? Flavor Ban can possibly kill this whole Industry due to this law.

Vaping Industry will be under the Food and Drugs Administration whilst cigarette and alcohol is only under Department of Trade and Industry. Being under the DTI is good, also regulate vaping is also good. There are rules to be followed, juice makers are free to make and sell their own goods on the market following those rules that are being regulated. But why is there a feeling that they are suggesting to quit vaping and start smoking? While on the other hand, according to some studies, a lot of harmful chemicals can be found in the cigarettes.

If you have questions, you may ask the experts regarding the law and vaping. This is only my opinion. What is your side and say on #NoToFlavorBan ?


2 thoughts on “Flavor Ban on E-cigarettes? Starting 25th of May 2022”
  1. I am also making a living by mixing different kind of juices and a lot my friends are buying to me. I hope no one questions me buying different flavor concentrates.

  2. My friends and I already hoarded an e-juice as soon as I heard about this news. But it saddened me thinking those who didn’t have the opportunity to buy on their behalf.

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