Have you been looking for a new MMORPG NFT for 2022? Burnt out and fed up with other crypt-games or NFT games such as Mir4?

Let us give you our first impression to the newest NFT Game for 2022, Ragnarok Labyrinth.

MMORPG NFT for 2022, Ragnarok Labyrinth

When we were sharing with you our farewell from playing Mir4, it was also the beginning of clicking the “download/install” button for this newest NFT Game – Ragnarok Labyrinth. It is a portrait-mode MMORPG game with sources from its original game – Ragnarok Online.

The said MMORPG NFT Game Ragnarok Labyrinth is developed and launched by Gravity Game Tech. Thus, concluding this is not a private server but an official NFT version server of Ragnarok for mobile.

Game Mechanics

When we say it is an “AFK Game”, it really is. Have your companion assist your character in grinding. Whether you play it on your phone or maybe exit the game and have your character play and grind monsters while you are not playing it on the phone.

You read it right, you can earn level and items even when you are not playing it on the phone (well of course after creating an account and leveling it to 20 or so-it will enable the AFK mode). Thus, highly recommended to those busy people out there that still want to play MMORPG without being demanded for effort and time and focus.

What made this game more convenient is its “portrait mode”. You will feel awkward the first time, but you will get used to it. Knowing it is one of the trend for MMORPG NFT for 2022.

How can you earn from this game

Sharing with you a video tutorial where it will explain completely the gas fee, estimation of earnings, and how “onbuff” points is being converted via crypto currency.

After watching the video above, you will get a deeper meaning of this game. Either to enjoy it or be pressured on rushing to earn onbuff points. Remember why players are leaving from Mir4? Always bare that in mind.

How to grind your character

It depends on the priority of a player, we must say. For our own experience, we prefer MVP grinding than materials or adventure grinding. Some players are into grinding their level as fast as they can, some players prioritized crafting materials first.

While based on our own gameplay the past two days, we prefer MVP grinding to maximized the onbuff point quota. On this game, you are only given 1,000 points maximum for MVP grinding. After maximizing this limit, you will be given a hundred point of onbuff and it resets daily.

Based from the video above, you can earn like a simple sketch on a 4,000 onbuff points can turn into 150-300PHP (this depends on the cryptocurrency of course). But the catch is, your gas fee is 1,200PHP. Hence, you will need to fund for 1,200PHP first before calculating your own expected cash to cashout.

While some of the players prefers to grind crafting materials, this gives a player assurance on roaming around the whole game once the player maximized or got a better stats for his character.

So again, it will really depend on how you want to enjoy this game. Always remember, any MMORPG online games are better played together with friends than being alone all along.


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