We are going to share with you the most updated list for New Filipino Movies on Netflix for 2022. We know it is taking time when you keep on scrolling up and down on your Netflix app and confused on what to watch first.

Worry no more! As we collated the “new releases” Filipino movies on Netflix. Updated as of 7th of May year 2022.

7 New Filipino Movies on Netflix for 2022

More than Blue

New Filipino movies on Netflix for 2022 - More than Blue
JC Santos and Yassi Pressman

Another hit sentimental, emotional and romantic movie starring JC Santos. We have known him to be one of the best actor in this era. Whoever you partner with him, he can definitely bring any movie to a hit. More than Blue is a story of a young man with terminal illness and who help his best friend (Yassi Pressman) to search for her soul mate while this young man is trying hold on his feelings for her. Current rank 3 in the Movies on Netflix today.

A Hard Day

New Filipino movies on Netflix for 2022 - A Hard Day
Dingdong Dantes

Another Filipino movie’s main casting Dingdong Dantes, John Arcilla and more. A story of a detective who is on the verge and critical situation of trying to cover his whereabouts even in the middle of his mother’s funeral since he is getting lots of threats from this blackmailer. We recommend this if you are into suspenseful and action movies.

Love is Colorblind

New Filipino movies on Netflix for 2022 - Love is Colorblind
Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano

Another #DonBelle movie that is another level of love story of teenage boy (Donny Pangilinan) who is an artist but got into an accident and made him colorblind. His bestfriend (Belle Mariano) tries to help him and love hits her for Donny, however, love interests made it more complicated when another girl was introduced by Donny.

Gen Z

A group of 6 young adults (Generation Z) ages from eighteen to twenty-five of age is facing addiction and violence due to peer pressure and wanting to cope with adversity. Starring Jerome Ponce, Jane Oineza, Ricci Rivero and more.


We have included this although this is a Filipino series and not a movie. A horror series based from our current situation – pandemic lockdowns which brings terrifying and tragedy showing a new normal is turning into an extreme nightmares.

Love vs Stars

New Filipino movies on Netflix for 2022 - Love vs Stars
Khalil Ramos and Miles Ocampo

A new love tandem of Khalil Ramos and Miles Ocampo. A story where her bestfriend fell in love and started courting her. From bestfriends to lovers? As they explore being in love with each other, the sooner they see the stars show their displeasure.


New Filipino Movies on Netflix for 2022 - Afterlife

Heavy drama and emotional series starred by Eula Valdez, Jett Pangan and more. Series of where a businessman who died comes back as a ghost and is on a mission of finding out the truth and cause of his death with the help of his caretaker.

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