Poppy Playtime gives me Nightmare galore, Who is this creepy blue toy? those sharp white teeth and drooling saliva give me the creeps. This is Huggy Wuggy a character in Poppy Playtime; a game that gives me nightmares.


Poppy Playtime, a horror game set in an abandoned toy factory. has joined up with Studio71 to produce an NFT collection for an ARG.

Fans on Steam have reacted negatively to this, raising concerns about the game’s future.

While MOB Games hasn’t made an official announcement on Twitter or Steam, news sources like Tubefilter have observed that the company has published a collection of six NFTs for $14.99 apiece.

Each NFT is part of a larger puzzle and comes with a special unlocked movie. Players who purchase all six NFTs will gain access to the seventh NFT. which will allow them to solve the puzzle and discover more about Poppy Playtime’s overall tale.

MOB Games may have published a legitimate tweet regarding the NFTs that was withdrawn due to fan criticism, according to some on Twitter.


Let’s just say that in the first episode of the game Huggy Wuggy was the main attraction. Huggy went viral on audiences artworks and also roblox games.

Making players baited on not really a poppy playtime inspired game inside Roblox.

The game also had been criticized by launching one episode. But most of our streamers liked what the developers brought to steam.

Here is one Filipino streamer that enjoyed and was afraid of Huggy Wuggy.

“Namokang Laruan ka! Takbo! | Poppy Playtime”

Hopefully, Horror game fans would give Poppy Playtime a chance. This game has unique gameplay after all.

It has another way of approach of doing objectives and instead of running; you could actually beat Huggy Wuggy in the first episode by using the GrabPack.


Dove Windsor and MOB Games collaborated to produce a survival horror video game. On October 12, 2021, the first chapter was released on Steam, and the second chapter is set to be released in early 2022.

The player takes on the role of a former employee returning to an abandoned toy factory owned by the game’s firm, Playtime Co., 10 years after the employees had gone. The user navigates the game in first-person perspective and must solve puzzles.


Playtime CO. invented Huggy Wuggy to be embraced by youngsters.

The toy quickly became the company’s most popular product, but he was later upgraded with a transplanted but corrupted human consciousness prior to the events of the game, turning him into a monster.

To deceive the protagonist, he feigned to be a statue on his initial appearance.

Huggy Wuggy vanishes from his pedestal.

as soon as the protagonist manages to acquire the key. The player should turn the power back on in a room (that requires such key).

after that, he chases the player throughout the game from vents or high unreachable spots.

It will not materialize from the shadows; until the player dashes to the dark and chases them down in the conveyor belt tunnels.

Huggy Wuggy snatches the player and kills them with its jaws every time they fail to reach the catwalk at the end of the belt.

If the player makes it to the catwalk, they must use a box to block and destroy the beast, forcing both of them to fall.

Huggy Wuggy falls into the vacuum after hitting with several pipes in the area where the player survives. It’s unclear if it lived or perished as a result of this.


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