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515 PH ANIME SERIES EP1: Really a series about our Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes? So thrilled to see how this will turn out. The the first episode dropped last April 28, 2022. Lets dig in to the thoughts of gemucube.


Hold up! Sue Ramirez as WANWAN? Awesome! Sue really looks good in that wanwan cosplay. like who would not agree that sue really looks like wanwan in this series right? If someone disagrees I’m gonna sue them! Just Kidding! 🙂

515 PH Anime sue
Sue Ramirez as WANWAN of MLBB

BRIEF STORY (Based on our understanding)

it starts with Wanwan one of the main characters in the series. She is getting ready for a performance. Quick flashback when Wanwan was discovered by Yu Zhong her Manager. Yu Zhong was mesmerized by Wanwan’s dart skills and asked her if she wants to be his star is ONLY one star.


ending the episode with Wanwan trying to call Yu Zhong. Yu Zhong instead of answering the call he enjoys a “Kwek Kwek” bonding with Luo Yi.

515 Ph Anime Eruption
Eruption Tai as Yu Zhong

Other Characters

Starting with Eruption Tai is fit for the Yu Zhong character of course in the game Yu Zhong is a strong hero. Eruption is a former “It’s Showtime Host” now a game streamer.

515 PH Anime Actor
Eruption Tai’s Gaming Page Cover

He plays various games but he usually stream Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Check him out here: https://www.facebook.com/erictaieruption

515 PH Anime Luo Yi
Mikayla Heredia (Kayla) as Luo Yi

Kayla as Luo Yi is somewhat fit I say somewhat because I guess the cosplay is lacking a bit of a luo yi vibes from her.

Kayla Heredia

She is a Content Creator and a Game Streamer. She usually streams Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Based on what I watched she usually a team player she can play different variety of MLBB Heroes.

Check her out here: https://www.facebook.com/KaylaHerediaOfficial


It’s kind of weird to call it an “Anime Series” if it has cosplayers or actors and it just has graphic anime visuals. But nonetheless it was very entertaining and awesome.

Sue Ramirez as Wanwan of MLBB

Sue Ramirez as Wanwan is really unexpected. Hoping to see Sue to also stream a gameplay of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

While waiting for Sue to stream look here our very own PH Scream Queen: https://gemucube.com/shola-hey-horror-games-scream-queen/


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