Author: Adam Belda

OUTAGE: Roblox not working again in 2022

Another outage for roblox for 2022. Are you one of the millions of fan or player of Roblox? What is Roblox? It is a game in pixelated or “block” pattern where it get the name “Roblox” due to its graphic concept where in it allows players to create their own world, games and discover other

Number Coding Scheme Suspended on May 3

The number coding scheme or the Modified Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) is suspended on 3rd of May 2022; Tuesday, from 5 in the afternoon until 8 in the evening. This is for the celebration of Eid’l Fitr or the end of Ramadan. While it is summer, we all know the crowd and how

MMORPG NFT for 2022: Ragnarok Labyrinth

Have you been looking for a new MMORPG NFT for 2022? Burnt out and fed up with other crypt-games or NFT games such as Mir4? Let us give you our first impression to the newest NFT Game for 2022, Ragnarok Labyrinth. When we were sharing with you our farewell from playing Mir4, it was also

OPINION: Why Players Leave Mir4

Why do players leave Mir4? Are you also in the verge of leaving Mir4? Or let us say on the crisis of leaving a certain online game that you invested your time long ago? Let us talk about that on this article. I want to share with you how I felt the past few months

Starbucks: White Chocolate Macadamia Drinks

One Starbucks’ Venti White Chocolate Macadamia please! To begin, there’s the new Yuzu Passionfruit M:LK Cream (P170/tall) from Starbucks. This delightful layered beverage is made up of yuzu, a Japanese citrus known for its special zestiness; passionfruit, for a tropical touch; and Starbucks’ signature Zen Clouds Oolong tea. Starbucks then tops the cereal with a

Shortage – Is the World Running Out of Fries?

Shortage of fries worldwide? Is there a global potato scarcity taking place? So far, here’s what we know. It Isn’t Just About Us (For Better or Worse) We’re not alone; in fact, there’s been a bit of a French-fry conundrum all over the world. Outside of the Philippines, McDonald‘s in Malaysia and Indonesia temporarily halted

5 Reasons Why Sandals Are Better Than Boots For Travel

Sandals are better than boots for some travelers. Are sandals really the simplest shoes for decent , sunny days? There has been a growing trend in recent years of hikers replacing their sturdy walking boots with sandals – and not only for long walks on the beach or the backyard barbecue. We’re getting to check

Realme V23 specs: Dimensity 810 CPU, 33W charging

The V23, Realme’s next 5G midrange phone, has been seen on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, ahead of its official release. The Realme V23 specs will be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 810 CPU, according to the marketing materials. Although it is not a brand-new processor, it is still one of the most capable

Crypto Gaming ‘Landlords’ mad They Can’t Keep Exploiting All The Players

Taking about Crypto Gaming, Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency-backed Pokémon clone in which cute small creatures that can also be used as NFTs compete for joy and profit. It’s also a pyramid system that thrives on low-cost labor from nations like the Philippines. Now, fictitious inflation, along with a record crypto robbery reportedly perpetrated by

vivo X80 series to launch on April 25

On April 25, vivo will debut its new X80 range of smartphones in China, the rumored turning to fact for vivo X80 series to launch. On its official Weibo account, vivo has already shared teasers of the X80, showing off its appearance, including the ZEISS-powered cameras. According to the photos and video, the X80 series

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