PS5 Storage upgrade is definitely a best idea for all the PS5 owners out there. We’ll only give a quick rundown of the update procedure here. Check out Sony’s tutorial page if you want something more detailed and step-by-step. The first step is to disconnect the PS5 and turn it over on its side.

First thing to do

Make sure the power button on the console is facing away from you. With your right hand, grasp the bottom-right corner of the white cover, and with your left hand, grasp the top-left corner. The cover will then lift off with a simple tug with your right hand.

Then, while loudly grumbling to your spouse who is trying to sleep, clean out all of the bug dirt inside, or as least as much as you can. Make gagging noises using your mouth. Request that they locate a can of compressed air. Mother nature is a curse.

Remove the single screen holding on the M.2 SSD drive slot cover using a little Phillips screwdriver.

PS5 ports

There will be a green slot beneath that cover. A screw and a standoff are located on the left side of that slot. Check the size of your SSD, then unscrew the standoff and reposition it so the hole at the end of your drive lines up when it’s inserted. Insert the end of the drive with the metal contacts into the left side of the slot after the standoff is in the proper position. The M.2 drive is inserted at an angle before being forced flush with the standoff.

Asked to Format message

Reinstall the screw by aligning the hole at the end of the drive with the hole in the standoff. The hard drive should be able to sit flat in its slot. Replace the silver cover, then replace the PS5’s case cover, and you’re done.

PS5 Storage message

You should be requested to format your brand new SSD the next time you power on your PlayStation 5. If you didn’t format it, you plainly missed the objective of the exercise and maybe shouldn’t have done anything at all. If you format it, you’ll have access to a new terabyte or more of super-fast storage.

PS5 storage upgrade – Final

I’m not kidding when I say super-fast. In less than 30 seconds, I transferred a 30GB game from console storage to the new disk. The results can vary depending on the type and model of hard disk you use, but holy crap, that was quick.

Of course, a Samsung 980 Pro with a built-in heatsink isn’t required. According to Sony’s standards, any NVMe drive of suitable size will function. Read speeds of at least 5,500 MB/s are recommended by the company.

PS5 Storage settings and capacity bar

My PlayStation 5 now has a lot more room. It’s time for me to see if I can fill the extra terabyte with games before a terabyte of dreadful little bugs invades.


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