Magic Square that transports you to different chambers!

Magic Square feature will be unlock at Level 20 after completing the main quest. This is a place with a different chambers, every chambers has a different activity to do with among with other players. Players can farm resources, earn experience points, treasure chest and also bosses. And also you can go dark steel Mining, gathering and meditate for the other activities on Mir4. Thea feature will not only help you to achieve your massive goals, but also a stepping stone to be one of the greatest player in your server.

Main Chamber

This chamber is the starting and spawning area in Magic Square. The players will find non-player characters (NPCs) in this area where you can exchange the different shards that you find or loot on the chambers and also you can buy items from these NPCs.

List of Chambers in Magic Square

The chambers have a different probability that you will transport into it, you cannot choose what chamber you will transport every time. Therefore you will see the percentage of each chamber that you have a chance on transporting to.

NOTE : Please be aware of the different areas of the chambers, their are different Area Properties on every chamber. Some are PK Enable where you can eliminate other players, and PK Disable.

Players can access these by selecting the portal icon. Players will initially have two entries to the chambers. These entries can be increased by using either gold or recharge tickets. However, they can gain a permanent plus one entry by upgrading the millennial tree to stage six.

This function will help you to enjoy a more peaceful life of meditating, questing, gathering, farm materials and hunting. Whatever the players will choose to do, everything will be great and sucessfull.


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