Secret Peak that will unfold and lead you to the peak!

Secret Peak feature will be unlock once you progress the main story quest and succeed specific mission. This is under a different map where all players can do different activity together. Players can farm different resources like mine ore, dark steel, gather, and meditate on this map. The map, have a different floors where the higher the floor the higher the rarity of the loots will be. On the other hand the monster, mini boss and boss will be more hard to kill as well.

You can also finish your quest and grind your items materials in order to craft and make a even more powerful items. Also the Secret Peak function is a epic and legendary resource map, the higher floor you will get and conquer the higher the chance you will get rare items in order to be the top player of your server!

Map Preview of the Peak

And in addition, there are different loot item that you will get while killing and opening chest. You can farm spirit treasures inside of it dropped by the monsters and also you can acquire different type of crystals. These crystals can be exchange on the NPCs inside of the peak where you respawn.

It is important to note that some of these items can only be purchased using crystals. However, it is recommended that players purchase badges as they will need them to summon a boss in Secret Peak. Players can obtain crystals by doing different types of activities, such as killing monsters, defeating bosses and mining inside Secret Peak.

Players can access these by selecting the portal icon. The user will initially have two entries to the chambers. Make sure that your entries will be valuable and worth it to enter, this area is a free PK area.


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